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Checking SensorGnome operation
LED push button operation

The LED push button has two functions:

  • provide a quick and easy indicator that the SensorGnome is operational (single-click)

  • turn the Raspberry Pi's WiFi hotspot on or off (double-click)

The push button can take some practice. The push button is a latching switch, meaning if the button is pushed in deeply, it will latch and stay in this position until pushed again to release. But both the single- and double-click operations are shallow, momentary clicks that do not engage the locking mechanism.

A single, shallow click of the push button on a powered up SensorGnome will activate the LED to blink roughly once per second if all is well; it may blink intermittently as well if the SensorGnome is actively receiving tags/noise. A blinking LED doesn't guarantee normal operation, but it's a good sign. Not being able to activate the LED means something is amiss. The LED status indicator can be deactivated with a second single click.

A rapid, shallow double-click of the push button will activate the WiFi hotspot. This will be indicated by an irregular LED blinking patterns

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