• Built on Raspberry Pi 3B, with heat sink on the Broadcom processor
  • FUNcube Pro+ receivers (for 166 MHz tag detection)
  • Stable SensorGnome software release (currently using October 12, 2018 image with the April 19, 2019 and October 1, 2019 updates)
  • "Dual-mode" 166 MHz (Lotek) and 434 MHz (CTT) capable; detection of CTT tags requires separate purchase of CTT's Motus adapter
  • Bulkhead double-shielded (LM195) coaxial connections to reduce strain on receivers and USB cables (1 per FUNcube included)
  • Precise timekeeping via GPS sync (external GPS antenna included)
  • Integrated exterior WiFi switch---a double-click activates a temporary WiFi hotspot to allow data download without a physical connection or removal of the microSD card. A second double-click deactivates the WiFi hotspot
  • Safe shutdown via integrated exterior switch (hold 3 seconds)
  • 32GB class 10 microSD card
  • 120V AC power supply
  • Reduced rate FedEx Ground shipping to continental US customers (contact us for Alaska/Hawaii/Canada/International or expedited rates)


Optional upgrades

  • 5V/3A DC converter for solar or other DC applications ($75)
  • additional bulkhead coaxial connections for additional receivers such as the CTT Motus adapter ($15 each; contact us)


Quality control

We build SensorGnomes from all new components and subject each unit to at least 48 hours of continuous operation prior to shipping. During this period, we test:

  • connection to the Motus server
  • GPS acquisition
  • DC power source (if added)
  • each receiver with active nanotag
  • multiple reboot cycles
  • WiFi connection and data download

SensorGnome - FUNcube Pro+

  • See Warranty page for details.